We at HORSEMADE love people and we love horses. So naturally we are devoted and passionate about our work. Time spent at the stables is so much  more enjoyable when the products we use actually deliver what they promise. We value keeping in touch personally with our clients. And we are just around the corner! In order to guarantee a close proximity to our customers  we have located the heart of our production to Central Germany.

We at HORSEMADE believe that this enables us to cater to individual wishes and expectations most effectively. We value transparent production chains and prefer working with regional  suppliers and manufacturers.

Knowing where our products come from and how they are produced gives us the possibility to to be more  sustainable and to do our part in protecting our environment.


We at HORSEMADE love our bling!
Every shiny little stone makes our hearts sparkle with joy. And because we horse people value hard work just as much as aesthetics we expect our tools to be hard-wearing. We solely use high quality Swarovski® crystals for our glamour product-line. These diamond-like stones are durable and affordable.

All HORSEMADE in-house products are hand made to ensure outstanding quality. Each product can be individualized and tailor made to meet special requests. Our products aim to suit the unique characters of both humans and their horses.